Duddingston Village

Yesterday I finished the last big project that will go into my graduate show - Woohoo! Yes, there are some other things yet to do, but my main projects will be well represented. I felt like celebrating! How to do it?
     Edinburgh is chock-full of charming hidden gardens like Dr. Neal's Garden. I've wanted to see it for ages. And with spring blooming wildly, this was the perfect time. But it's a bit far to walk to, so Stan figured out the way. We popped on the #44 bus at the top of our street.
In no time, we were off the bus on the far side of Arthur's Seat in Duddingston Village.
This is an extremely old part of town, dating back to the 12th century. The history is fascinating.
(Most of these images are larger - just click on them to view in a new window at a larger size.)
It's no wonder the first building we came across was the iron forger.
Alleyways really reflected the age (if you ignored the cars at the end).

Our first destination was lunch reservations at the oldest surviving pub in Edinburgh, the Sheep Heid Inn.
Everything inside was tartan, including the floors. (We see a lot of that in Scotland and I just love it.)
I ordered a pink drink in honor of my friend Kevan Atteberry's late wife, Teri.
And there were sheep everywhere. This is for you, Trish!
There was also a helpful map in the pub to give us our bearings after lunch.
Next stop...Duddingston Loch.

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