Dr. Neal's Garden

We had to wind through the coffee shop to find the entrance to Dr. Neal's Garden, and it was so worth hunting out.
There's not much to say about this, it was just lovely to wander about this garden at the edge of Duddingston Loch...(most of the images can be viewed larger with a right-click).

See the wood duck?

I do have to talk about the Physic Garden though. I fell in love with it. If I ever have a wee plot of land in my life again, I want to recreate this garden.
It's called a Physic Garden because the plants in it all have medicinal purposes.
But basically, they're all herbs, so it smells wonderful.
I pieced together the entire garden for you in Photomerge.
The nice thing is, there were seats everywhere to sit and enjoy this natural remedy for lowering blood pressure.
We sat and just stared and listened for quite a while. Check out a quick scan of our view on Youtube (click the image).
How nice to experience such lovely mini-adventures as a day in Duddingston!

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