Friday Links List - 28 April 2017

From the Literary Hub: 31 Vintage Poster That Demand You Pick UP a Book - FAB!

From Muddy Colors: School or Work?

From Giuseppe Castellano: On SCBWI, Advice for Authors and Illustrators

From BuzzFeed: 13 Children's Books That Encourage Kindness Towards Others

From Fair Observer: Better Education Can Decrease Wealth Inequality

From Illustration Age: Dig Deep Into Drawing Fundamentals with (perspective courses)

From SYP Scotland: Scotland boasts the highest library attendance in the UK
Good news! Escape from Illustration Island is back!
Escape From Illustration Island is the popular audio podcast featuring in-depth conversations with Illustrators, Art Directors, Art Reps and other creative people. Past guests include Christoph Niemann, Marshall Arisman, Dave McKean, Drew Struzan, Jessica Hische, Jon Klassen and many other awesome folks!
He even interviewd me a long time ago - click here to listen. CLICK HERE for a full list of 83 episodes!

From Muddy Colors: Are White and Black Colors? (Great for color theorists!)

From NerdyBookClub: 10 New Books HIghlighting the Diversity and Strength of Girls & Women by Brittany Gendron

From The Scottish Book Trust: 12 Inspiring Inclusive Books (8-11)

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