Tourist Day in Edinburgh - National Museum

Despite coming down to the end of my final term here at uni and the tons of work I have to do for my graduate show, I do try to save one day a week to play. Besides, the weather has been gorgeous lately and we wanted to get out and about. But what to do, what to do? How about some of those touristy things that we'd never gotten to before? Like, going up to the observation terrace at the National Museum of Scotland?
I thought it was a bit of a secret destination, but perhaps not so much. Why? Because of the view. You can see the castle and St. Giles...
and straight down into the Greyfriar's cemetery.
It was also an excuse to visit some of the history displays. We decided to go from the very top (most recent times, being the rooftop) to the bottom (being the beginning of time). There, we found Nessie.
But could she really be a Plesiosaur as people say? The Museum thinks otherwise.
Oh well.
More about our touristy play day tomorrow!

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