Berwick Upon Tweed - Part 3 - Ukeleles

On the way to lunch, we stopped by Katie's new flat, which has an adorable studio/store space on the main level. We'll be looking for studio tours and gallery shows soon!
We took over the local arts center's restaurant, that had yet another lovely view.
Happily, friend, and also Berwick-based illustrator, Julia Patton caught up with us for lunch. My playmate!
From there, we wandered - here are some of us (Boris, Nadee and Karin) with our tutor, Mike.
But the highlight was when we stumbled across a music store with very reasonaly priced ukeles of all different colors. Several students (Hannah, Pilar, Von, Yixiao and Julija) bought one, and struggled over which color was just right.
I predict some humorous music time in our near futures.
 By the time we left, it was raining and sleeting (but sunny when we got back to Edinburgh). All said, it was a well-earned and much-needed adventure/break. Everybody has been working so hard to achieve end of semester deadlines. And we all really do get along so beautifully well - it was a treat to just go play together for a bit!

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