Tourist Day in Edinburgh - Yo Sushi

One of the reasons we were out and about on Saturday was to help a friend celebrate his big 4-0. Here is Blythe and our new friend, Vicky at the beginning of his birthday party, which was to head to several more pubs before it finished.
After hanging out at the Salt Horse for a bit, Stan and I decided to continue our day of silly touristy things to do by going to Yo Sushi for dinner.
     This is a sushi restaurant with a beltline that delivers your sushi out to you on a little rail. I know these sorts of restaurants have been around Japan, but I'd never been to one. You can either order from the menu, or grab something off the "lazy susan." The color of the plate tells you the price of the item.
To request your waiter, you push that red button set into the counter. And for water, there are spickets for flat or sparkling right there too. Oh, and all the wasabi you can stand!
The sushi was only okay (I've now had enough to have a somewhat discerning palette), but the fun factor was HIGH. What a silly way to do dinner and wrap up our fun touristy day!
     You may wonder why we don't take advantage of all the touristy things in Edinburgh more often... It's a strange thing to be in the place you consider 'home' (and after two years, that's exactly what Edinburgh has become to us), and yet be marked as a visitor every time you open your mouth. Even in the elevator as we left the restaurant, I said something to Stan and the couple next to us said, "Oh, where are you from? What a lovely accent." I'm always tempted to say, "I don't have an accent, you do! And it's lovely." But I don't.
     It's an odd thing to be foreign, and has given me such an interesting perspective on life and the world we live in, even moreso on the idea of home. Perhaps I'll write about that more in depth another day.
     Meanwhile, what do you want to bet that when I go to Virginia this summer, people say I've begun to pick up as Scottish accent? I can't hear it, but I bet they will. We'll see!

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