Tourist Day in Edinburgh - Museum of Childhood

Another fun thing we did on our designated tourist play day in Edinburgh was head to the Museum of Childhood. I know - it's amazing it took me this long to get there, especially considering it's FREE (as are most Museum-related things here).
     The entrance is straight into a gift shop with some fun displays like this clock.
Beyond that you go into an area featuring antique toy cars.
and this groovy two-seater bicycle, which makes a ton of sense to me. Why don't we see these today?
It was fun to see the items of childhood from various periods in history. Turns out I have a weakness for children's shoes no matter the era.
But then we went around a corner into the doll room. You can thank me that I didn't take a picture of that. It was CREEPY!!!! All those dolls staring at you as you entered. It was straight out of Barbarella! And beside them were the automatons...dolls that Move! Oh he** NO! Okay, except for this one that was rather charming...
Overall, it was a fun little museum to pop into. We both saw toys that were familiar to us as well. I suppose that makes us antiques too. Hmmm.
     More on our tourist day on Wednesday...

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