Berwick Upon Tweed! Part 1 - the cafe

Tuesday we all took a field trip down to Berwick Upon Tweed! One of our classmates, Katie, commutes up to Edinburgh every day, but this time she invited us to commute to one of the most charming villages along the east coast of Britain. We arrived ready for the bad weather forecasted.
Well, the weather was bad...and good...and snowy...and changed every 15 minutes, which means for portions of the day we completely lucked out! Wandering around we were easy to spot - the group with the backpacks.
We began the day by meeting up in an adorable cafe that handled our enormous group remarkably well.
We all settled in to draw, which is what we do. Although I did it a little differently from normal. Usually, I lightly pencil in my composition, then tighten it up. This time, I just started drawing one thing and then worked out in a spiral as I drew.
From there, we wandered around a bit - a fun thing to do in this lovely town.

In no time, we were at the beach...

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