Friday Links List and Illustrators' Treehouse News - 13 March 2020

From Myth and Moor:: Jane Yolen: The Everyday-ness of Writing and Once upon a time in Paris

From The Bookseller: Publishing attempts to keep things on track during coronavirus outbreak

From Vicky Alvear Shecter: It's Women's History Month So Let's Talk Kick-Butt Ancient Warrior

From The Outline: Woody Allen's book could signal a new era in the publishing industry "To be published by a major publisher is not a right covered by the First Amendment; it is and has always been a privilege."

From SLJ: Laurie Halse Anderson Announces "Wonder Women in History," a YA Graphic Novel Anthology

From UCONN: Do you know about the Malka Penn Award for Human Rights in Children's Literature?

From The 2020 Children's Literature in Education: Announcing the Emerging Scholar Award

From The Guardian: How I managed to raise a little bookworm in the age of smartphones and tablets and Children's and Teens Roundup the best new picture books and novels

From We Grow Media: Surround yourself with writers (and readers)

From TLS: A space to shift shape: Philip Womack discusses the importance of clarity and wonder in children's literature

From SLJ: As Compassion Fatigue Takes its Toll, Schools and Public Libraries Take Steps to Support Librarians

From the NYT Book Reviews: A Deadly Storm, a Witch Hunt and a Village Without Men

From Publishing ... and Other Forms of Insanity: 44 Calls for Submissions in March 2020

From Muddy Colors: Kr'ys the Sylvan Elf - DEMO and The Challenge of Making a Portrait and The Danger of Reference and Corey Godbey's MYR

From FB: Our "Get Out the Vote" Mural is Growing Legs!

From BookRiot: 10 Children's Books by Comic Creators (including my friend Renee French)

From NPR: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus

From SLJs 100 Scope Notes: 2020 Books by Caldecott Winners

From CommArts: Fantasy: An immersive site by Is&abloom for the François-Mitterand National Library in Paris engrosses visitors in the literary genre of fantasy.

From KidLit Artists: Interview: Maria Middleton - Art Director at Candlewick Press

From the FCBG: What's All the Fuss About the Bunnies on the Bus?

From CommArts: MINI short film - interesting illustrative technique

From Urban Sketchers: Drawing Attention March 2020

I love these Starlit paintings by Flora McLachlan

Did you know about this free, online Adobe Keyboard Shortcut Visualizer?

From The NYT: Rosalind P. Walter, 95, First 'Rosie the Riveter' and a PBS Funder, Dies

From AngiesWeb: The Bronze age comes to life at the Bodensee - a village on stilts!

From CommArts: Turning Ageism Into Activism

From The University of Glasgow: Remote Working Advice

From Winthrop University: Our graduating seniors' show

From Twitter: Representative Katie Porter holding the man responsible!

From the NYT: They've been tracking reported cases here. Of course, if getting tested isn't free, it's likely that these numbers are extremely underrepresented.

From Dr. Danna Young on Twitter: If you are interested in moving lecture courses online for the next few weeks and are able to use Zoom... here is a cheat sheet.

From The NYT: How to Self-Quarantine

From ChronicleVitae: Going Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to Start

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