GET OUT THE VOTE mural at WU - the final!

As I mentioned in my previous post, students began painting the GET OUT THE VOTE mural on a Tuesday, and we planned to finish it during their Thursday class. That was the plan at any rate.
The students made great progress, they really did. But when class time ended, and many of them had to go to other classes, we hadn't quite finished yet - what to do!? That's when other helping hands stepped in. Students from my VCOM121 Design Drawing II were eager to help out too!

It was a punt, but it worked. We got the job done, and now even more students are invested in the finished project - a very good thing! And so, here it is - drum roll please!

Click the image to see it larger in a new window.
As the hallway was narrow, I took three photos and merged them together in Photoshop for you to see it in one piece. It's fabulous, isn't it? I'm so proud of all of my students for making this mural come together. This was a BIG project, and they DID IT! I made a placard to describe the project...
The mural will remain in place through Shepard Fairey's visit, when he'll come by to see it. My students got a special invitation to attend a party in his honor downtown as reward - yay! After that, it will move around campus, to the student center and elsewhere through the November election. With luck, it will indeed do what it set out to do - inspire our students to vote and be heard. THIS is what an art teacher can do, this is how WE make a difference! I'm so proud.

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