GET OUT THE VOTE mural at WU! Step 2

Today, I'll continue to walk you through the process my students went through to create their "GET OUT THE VOTE" mural for our Narrative and Editorial Illustration class.
     As I mentioned in my previous post, students turned the whiteboard work-in-progress into a digital file ready for printing. Turned out the UPS store was able to print what we needed the cheapest. So, I had seven enormous panels printed up for the students to affix to the wooden surface created by Professors Shaun Cassidy and Mikale Kwiatkowski. The mural wall was placed in the breezeway between the McLaurin and Rutledge buildings. (Many of our old buildings have breezeways harkening back to the 1800s when it was an all-girls school.) There, students David Beck, Joy Heil, Mars Hogue, JJ Jacobsen, Erin Jones, Josh Lively, Eli McHone, Izzy Wallace, and Sierra Wheeler got to work!
Once the panels were in place, students used Saral transfer paper to trace the line work onto the wood.
This took a lot of fiddling and moving the Saral around under the print-outs, but it worked! (Here's Joy with the Saral paper.)
Now we were ready to paint! CLICK HERE to follow our progress!

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