Glencairn Gardens

Saturday, my friend Paula and I went for a walk around Glencairn Gardens.
We met at Fountain Park, did air-hugs from six feet away and walked with a considerable distance between us the whole way. And boy were we Chatty Cathies! You'd think we hadn't spoken to another person in weeks. Feels that way! At any rate, the azaleas are in bloom and this is why I moved back to the south...

There were a good number of people at the gardens, all keeping a safe distance from each other.
Although, the turtles certainly didn't care about social distancing.

There was a group of women who had obviously gathered for a 'social distancing party'... their pop up chairs were six feet apart and they were definitely looking at the good side of things, dancing and being silly. It made me happy to see them! (Kinda wish I had introduced myself!)
Truly, the gardens are at their peak right now.

I'm glad I didn't miss them!

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