Winthrop University is going online

     This coming week is spring break at Winthrop University. And like so many other schools and universities around the world, in reaction to the coronavirus and to keep our students and faculty safe, we will be switching to an online learning model for the two weeks following spring break. Happily, I've been using our online tools regularly (Blackboard) as I am used to using Moodle, a similar program, at both Hollins U and the University of Glasgow. So, it shouldn't be too awkward a transition for me as a teacher. Although, I worry about students who may not have access to strong internet service, laptops, scanners, and the like. And of course, I'll miss my face-to-face interactions with my students, as they are why I became a teacher in the first place. I'll miss my kids! Especially when they leave me fun things like this next to my office door.
     With luck, the coronavirus will resolve itself by the end of those two weeks and the bulk of the crisis will be over. I certainly hope so!

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