GET OUT THE VOTE mural at WU! Step 3

Today, I continue to walk you through the process my students went through to create their "GET OUT THE VOTE" mural for our Narrative and Editorial Illustration class.
     As I mentioned in my previous post, students David Beck, Joy Heil, Mars Hogue, JJ Jacobsen, Erin Jones, Josh Lively, Eli McHone, Izzy Wallace, and Sierra Wheeler transferred their collaborative image onto the wooden mural panels. Then things got messy! With the colors they'd chosen in hand, I purchased six gallons of house paint from Lowes for students to work with.
And the painting began!
Painting was just an exercise in patience, and flexibility!
The breezeway between McLaurin and Rutledge is a busy pathway, so the entire art college was privy to the mural's progress. It was fun watching the students maneuver around each other - taller students did the tops, shorter students did the bottoms, and if someone finished something, they simply found a hole where they could paint!
They made fantastic progress on that first day, but it wasn't quite done...CLICK HERE to keep following along!

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