A Sunday Walk continued

So, two miles from our flat, on foot, we reach the Firth of Forth in Newhaven. Water!
The beach here is wild and rocky with black grasses, rocks, clams, and seagulls. A marina is off to the west full of boats sitting on their bottoms since the tide is out.
The air is thick with brine and waves lap against the rocks. The clouds are breaking up, illuminating the far shore which is quilted with various crops of brown, green, and chartreuse. An island sits in the middle of the Firth with enormous ships passing by it, sailing to who knows where.
      It takes us so little time to find ourselves in a completely different world here - I love it. We wandered west into Granton for a bit, but that will require more research as it seems to be a true working harbor. Anybody know of some good places to eat in Granton? Not finding one, we headed back east towards Newhaven in search of breakfast. We passed some interesting sites on the way. I loved this shell gargoyle. Anybody know what this thing on the right was?
     We passed an adorable pub (not yet open, although I'm not sure the owner had been to bed yet), and were directed towards The Haven for breakfast.
Stan is a fan of the breakfast rolls here and I did scrambled eggs, GF toast and roasted tomatoes. YUM.
     Refortified, and so much farther east than we'd expected, we went ahead to Leith to continue our path home. You remember Leith?
The trail picks up along the Water of Leith (a river), so we followed.
The river is full of swans and their babies.
Turning inland, we pass gardens. Folks rent plots of land where they grow flowers, vegetables, etc. And every single one has a shed. No two are alike so it ends up looking like a wildly eclectic and creative patchwork.
     We also pass birch trees. They remind me of Ruth Sanderson's illustrations.
As so happens, the trail leads back around to where we started and we go back through the long tunnel.
Up the hill and back to our quiet little street and our lovely little flat. Can you see our little pot of oregano? It's doing very well. I hope to have spilling flowers there next spring.
Stan says we walked about seven miles total, although it didn't feel like it. We meandered, I took pictures, we had a nice breakfast and we stopped to enjoy beautiful views, swans, and doggies. I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning.

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Love seeing your walks and hearing your enthusiasm for everything.