Portobello Beach

We decided to take a small road trip while the weather is nice to Portobello Beach.
It's a 30 minute bus trip north east out of town to find the sea. Like a mini-vacation!
The air smelled like salt and seaweed.
There's a promenade which borders most of it.
It's surprisingly residential and not at all commercial. But families played in the sand and dogs ran with complete abandon everywhere.
It was truly beautiful and so relaxing.
     For lunch, we ate at The Espy, which we'd both heard good things about.
We were worried at first as we arrived a bit early and they hadn't completed typing up the specials menu. The main menu was mostly hamburgers (including a haggis hamburger) - not what we were hoping for. But then the specials menu came out and... oh, my!
     Stan had a fish pie (I've finally had fish pie - delicious!) and I had the tiger prawns:
What a lovely day, just a bus ride away! And ironically, we popped into a hardware store while waiting for the bus and ran into a new SCBWI friend, Louise Kelly. Talk about a small world! But that's what we're learning about Edinburgh... even at what feels like a world away (the beach), it's still a small town and you run into people you know. I love that!
     We hope to return next weekend for an art walk (weather depending), so more on Portobello soon!


melinda beavers said...

Sounds like a lovely day trip! I love that about the UK—wherever you are based, there are short trips you can take for small adventures all the time. I did a fair bit when I was living there, but not as much as I would have liked to (being a poor student and all, LOL). Just discovered your Illustrator Challenges! How very fun—can't wait to try out a few. ;)

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

You're so right Belinda! More coming soon! And good luck with the challenges! :) e