My walk to school

Our flat is one mile from my studio at the College of Art, so every day I take a little hike across town...a very pleasant little hike. Out the door I immediately go up a hill, which gets my heart pumping and warms me up quickly. From there I can choose two main directions - to go east or go west. Either way, I have to get around the castle. (You don't want to go over that hill, that is masochistic.) I tend to go west more often that east, as North Bridge can get pretty crowded, and I've gotten nailed on a few occasions - ouch! SO! At the top of the hill, I usually head through St. Andrews Square.
A very good friend of mine is the Green Man. He tells me when I can cross a street or not. Although, I have to admit, there is a very fun game here I like to call Road Pizza Pong. That is, trying to cross without the Green Man's help. I've gotten quite good at it. Still, I'm awfully fond of this guy:
From there, I cut down Rose Street.
This is a charming street that runs parallel to Princes Street - the big mall-like tourist draw. It's quieter, there aren't as many vehicles, and all the sweet restaurants and pubs are setting up for the day. I pass the french patisserie which makes this gluten free girl want to cry.
I swear, I must past at least two dozen pubs every day. I really should count.

Much of Rose Street is covered in banners. I don't know why, but they're always there. Along with the Rose crests in the pavement. On my way home, there are often street performers here too, which is lovely. But that's for another post. This is my walk TO school...
Where I cut south from Rose varies, but I like this road because it's cut off from traffic. The day I took these pictures, there was also a flower vendor.
I cross Prince's Street where I can either go down into the garden (knowing there will be stairs on the other side)
or cut down Lothian. Always in my view is the castle. And double decker buses - lots of those. (I almost forgot to include that - could it be I already take them for granted? Gads.)
And other random beautifulness.
Oh, there's that castle again.
This is already so many photos and there's so much more to share - like the random spotting of men in kilts, the sound of bagpipes, a graduation going on at the Traverse Theatre. There's also the normal city stuff like beggars, dog poop, crowds that don't make room for you - you have to stay on your toes. But all this takes me around to the little street that cuts up to the college.
I can take about a dozen different routes, but this is a good one and they all take me to my destination, where my day begins!
The University of Edinburgh College of Art, Evolution House, where all us postgrads hang out on the third floor. Joy!


Jennifer Moore said...

What a nice walk. It makes me want to visit.

Daffodil Cards said...

Thanks for the walk without me breathing heavy, beautiful city isn't it?