The shipment

Our shipment finally arrived. 900 pounds of sweaters, boots, books, and art, which we sent off by boat way back in June. It sounds like a lot. It wasn't. We truly did sell almost everything we owned. But there were some things we couldn't part with and some things we truly did need. They've been sitting in storage in Leith waiting for our arrival and our new address, which we now have. So we were able to ask them to deliver it.
     But here's the thing, all that stuff got decided upon and shipped before we became nomads. From late June we were living out of suitcases, moving from one domicile to another. Our needs became extremely streamlined. So, we were actually somewhat nervous for our shipment to be delivered. We'd been without all that stuff for so long, we weren't sure what we'd packed anymore. What was so important?
     It didn't look like much when we packed it up - the shipping container was about the size of a large dining room table. And it didn't look like much in the back of the truck when it arrived:
Two movers carried the boxes up three flights of stairs into our tiny new apartment. And suddenly, it looked like an awful lot of stuff.
     We spent the day unpacking everything and trying to find homes for it all. Keep in mind, we basically have one closet here - ONE. And a nice set of drawers. Remarkably, they absorbed our clothes quite well. It's tight, but it works. The coats are another topic altogether. We'll be making a trip to IKEA soon for some sort of coat station in the hallway.
     And there are the keepsake boxes. Believe it or not, we do have an attic here. We just have to find a ladder to access it. Soon, soon. And my art supplies/drawings/books - gads. I don't regret sending them over - truly. But I have no idea where to put them. Maybe I'll have a designated area for my studies where they can go. I'll find out soon.
     Otherwise, I'm quite proud of us. We got pictures hung, clothes put away, the apartment vacuumed, and it's looking sane. Okay, not the guest room. It looks like a bomb went off in there. But we'll get that part figured out soon too.


melinda beavers said...

Oh, I remember this! I shipped a bunch of stuff as well. I traveled with the basics, in a large backpack to GET there and lived out of that from a while—then the shipment arrived! I think the shipment BACK was the larger of the two, though. That's a fun adventure in your future. ;) Glad it's all going so well! -m.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Hmmmm, send it back???? Hehe.