My new desk

One of the advantages to being a slightly older student is knowing when and how to make things work for you. I've already had meetings with my Illustration professors to learn how to best take advantage of the opportunities available to me at the University of Edinburgh. One small part of that is where I'll be spending most of my time - at my new desk.
     I asked permission to go ahead and claim a spot in the studio space I'll be sharing with fellow Illustration MFAs and Design MAs. The studio was a bit crude when I first got there, they hadn't finished preparing the space (it's a new one for the department), but I could see what would be important to me.
     I chose a desk at an end, in a corner, where I can keep my picture books without anybody tripping over them, with a little bit of wall space, room to spread out, and a view. OMG, the views.
      In one direction, I'm looking down a road that leads to the castle.
In the other, I'm looking down a road that leads to the Grass Market - both are exceptional. Note: That is indeed the castle above the office-looking building.
And I'm already pulling some serious hours. We've already got two homework assignments and I still have my other book stuff going on.
But what I love most is my classmates. To my left is Mahmoud from Quatar. In front of me is Catherine from Chile. Two over is Michael from Poland. Across the way is Thor from Canton. Etc., etc. As our program director said on the first day - the undergrads are usually from the UK, but the Postgrads are usually from all over the world. He wasn't kidding!
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