Campus Tour

During Freshers Week, I took advantage of a Campus Tour. Well, the George Square Campus Tour - a small part considering the campus sprawls over the entire city of Edinburgh. It was very helpful and I saw some lovely eye candy along the way.
I don't remember what building this was, but please notice the blue sky. All this talk of bad weather has been just that. I'm convinced Scottish people are all storytellers, and we all know how storytellers like to embellish things. Let's hope I think that two months from now.
     At any rate, George Square is gorgeous, with a large green space in the center surrounded by the very new library and row upon row of very old town homes which are now the centers for various studies and disciplines on campus.
In fact, Sir Walter Scott lived in one of them for a time, and you can actually stay in his old apartment.
Beyond the square, we also saw the medical building.
And here's the law school. If I graduated from here, I'd believe I was worth $350/hour too.
This was the library in the religious studies building.
What I haven't yet shared is a photo of the very modern and enormous main library and the myriad of buildings around campus. But stay posted, I'll get there...

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