Cards, cards, cards!

I mentioned that I work on cards during the Francelia Butler Conference - cards for friends and students. It's amazing how streamlined my process can be - even working traditionally. I purchased this wee watercolor kit and a brush that holds water in its handle. It's all I need!
Here's how it looks when its open.
That and pencils/pens is all I used to create these... A drawing bear for our new teacher John,
cornbread for Museum Director Jenine (who makes awesome cornbread),
a croc to thank Julie for a great party,
a painting dragon for Jennifer,
a reading fairy for Ruth,
a singing frog for Lisa (who loves frogs and karaoke),
'Mom Keys' for MJ who let me borrow her car,
, and three cards for my students based on the stories they worked on all semester, Little Red Riding Hood for Andrea,
a teacup for Deanne,
, and the owl and pussycat's boat for Caitlin.
I did one acrylic piece for Tina, an Appalachian Fairy, although I really don't prefer the medium (it was an experiment).
I love making these cards every year. And I love that my little watercolor kit has moved me from black and white drawings to color. But even more, I love this new comfort level I've reached with watercolors. I attribute my MFA to finally getting me to this point - hand-made art!

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These are awesome Elizabeth.