Passing of the Torch at Hollins

Our dear Director and founder of the Graduate programs in Children's Literature at Hollins University, Amanda Cockrell, is retiring this year. Academic and author Lisa Fraustino will be taking her place. So there have been some lovely passing-of-the-torch ceremonies taking place this summer. One was a party hosted by Chip and Sheree Sullivan at their new house. Faculty gathered for an intimate and emotional time.
In the back are Chip and Tony Neuron. Next row is Hillary Homzie, Candice Ransom, Ruth Sanderson, and Amanda Cockrell. In the front is Julie Pfeiffer, Lisa Fraustino, Yours Truly, and Sheree Scarborough Sullivan.
     Crowns were made for the outgoing and incoming montors.
And just in case you think this is a sad affair, Amanda and her partner Tony have made it clear that they are quite excited about this next chapter in their lives. They've even talked about taking a train ride adventure across the continent. So, while we're all sad to see Amanda leave this position, where she has made such a huge difference in so many lives and left a very large legacy to fill, we are also so happy for them.
And I have great confidence in Lisa. She's already taking on responsibilities and it's obvious she'll do a great job as our new Director. CONGRATULATIONS to all!

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