Hollins Speakers: Candice, John, and Farah

Lectures never make great pictures, but they make wonderful events to attend. And we have had some top-notch speakers at Hollins this summer. So far we've had Candice Ransom (author of over 100 books) talk about Disney/Golden Book illustrators.
Our newest faculty member John Steven Gurney gave a chalk talk on the process behind his latest graphic novel, Fuzzy Baseball.
And heavyweight, highly respected academic Farah Mendlesohn came over from Cambridge to talk about the English civil war as our scholar-in-residence. (We've been in online groups together for years, so it's been lovely to finally get to know her in person!)
Tonight, we'll have Coretta Scott King Award-winning illustrator Shadra Strickland, who will also give an all-day workshop on Saturday. More on that soon.

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Jane Yolen said...

Isn't Farah a marvel? Visted her in London. she's stayed here with me at Wayside. Her mind is always on speed dial. Would love to get her together with Susannah Richards and watch the fireworks. We couldn't possibly take notes.It would be too fast. Recordings both audio and visual the only way. Wowser!