Personal Color Palettes at Hollins

I've written about this before. It's a test I run my students through each year, to discover their personal color palettes, and it's spooky how well it works. We figure it out through two primary approaches. First, students identify books that use their fave colors. They pull th epalette out with painted or color penciled swatches. Here's Deanne's work-in-progress.
Once they've done this, we move to the colored pencils themselves. I ask them to choose 3 to 5 pencils that they think are their favorite colors. And then 3 to 5 that represent the colors they wear most often (or surround themselves with in their decorating choices). And finally, we pare it down to the colors that show up in their artwork most frequently.
      This consistently works to help students come up with about 3 to 5 colors that define their personal color palette. And it usually freaks them out to see colors that have so dominated their lives on a subconscious level, brought to a conscious level, where they can use them consciously to help define their personal illustrative styles.
     Here's how it worked for my students. Here is what Deanne came up with.
     Caitlin pulled together several book covers to narrow down her color palette. It becomes obvious when you see all the covers together.
     Andrea found her exact color palette in swatch form in a book she's using as a mentor book (one that is helping to inspire and inform her final work).
     It's my favorite activity to do with my students as it always works, and is such a revelation that can really make a strong difference in a creator's process.
     Curious about MY color palette? I wrote all about this process and my own colors year ago at

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Jen Wood said...

This is so cool! I love how Caitlyn interpreted the assignment and seeing everyone's palettes.