Francelia Butler Conference 2018

Saturday, Hollins hosted the student-run Francelia Butler Conference. This year's theme was "A Sea of Stories." Students made fantastic decorations for the event, like these clever clams...
and jellyfish! Here's Gabriella Crivilare, one of this year's Co-Chairs under one of her creations.
There was quite a crowd this year!
I look forward to this conference every year as it's a wonderful opportunity to hear what our students have been creating - academic articles, poetry, stories, and illustration presentations. An illustrious keynote is invited to speak each year. This year it was Uma Krishnaswami, a long time online friend, and now a friend in person!
It's also when the Margaret Wise Brown Prize is awarded. This year's recipient was long-time elementary school teacher, Elaine Magliaro with her book Things To Do - her first book! The book took ages to create and has made quite the splash on the children's lit scene with its gorgeous poetry and illustrations by Catia Chien.
     We also celebrated Amanda Cockrell, our program director who is retiring this year. There was cake...
and lots of hugs. Here I am with our new program director, Lisa Fraustino, Amanda, Me, and Candice Ransom.
But what I love most about the conference is how I use the time. I sit in the back and listen to the readings while I create all my cards for friends who have shown me kindness and for my students. These are the creations from this year, that will be in the hands of their recipients soon!
The whole thing finishes with a silent auction. All of the books offered every year are so tempting, but I can't carry them home, so I don't try to buy them. I did get a new pouch to hold my traveling art supplies though - yay!
That evening was the banquet - more on that soon!

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