Faculty Reading at Hollins

We have some amazing and prolific creators teaching at Hollins University and it's always a treat to hear what everyone is up to! Each year the faculty at Hollins University has a reading, for which we share our latest projects. Again, lectures/slide-shows make terrible photos, but here is a quick wrap-up. Hillary Homzie shared her newest book called Ellie May on President's Day.
Candice Ransom shared the second book in her Amanda Panda series, Amanda Panda and the Bigger, Better Birthday.
John Gurney shared his newest graphic novel The Bossy Pirate.
And Mary Jane Begin shared some of her "My Little Pony" books as well as a very personal project.
I shared a work-in-progress written by Jane Yolen that will be shopping around soon. (No pics for that!) Lisa Fraustino shared a chapter from her work-in-progress novel, as did Ruth Sanderson. And Chip Sullivan shared a story that is heading for an anthology.
     My fellow faculty wowed my socks off - what an amazing group of talented people. I'm proud to teach alongside them all!

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