End of a Housing Era at Hollins University

The houses on Faculty Row were old, granted. They were falling apart, yes. But, they were where faculty lived on campus. They had good energy and great flow. And they had great views. I sat on the back porch of Jenine's house many times eating cornbread and watching the sun set.
But time moves on. The houses are being torn down.
They've been checked for asbestos and any live power or gas lines.
Monday, the demo began. So many of us have stopped to just watch. They are coming down so quickly.
I hear they will be replaced by sweet townhouses. I imagine they will be very tasteful and cute in keeping with Hollins campus.
     But still...
     Change happens and it is so often bittersweet.

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Bridget said...

Sorry to see time marching on, I hope they were able to save the brick and have some group reclaim them.