Margaret Wise Brown Prize Book Sorting

A new responsibility has arisen at Hollins University that I love doing - it's sorting through the Margaret Wise Brown Prize book submissions. Publishers send their top books for consideration throughout the year - boxes and boxes of them. We can't keep all of them (although we'd like to). So, we curate the collection.
This ends up being a wonderful opportunity to examine the books, sort them, and identify trends. Such as this pile of books on Social Issues - a pile that didn't exist until recently.
This stack of books from 'Own Voices' was lovely to see as it's growing.
And here was the remarkable discovery - the tallest pile by far was the stack of biographies. They are obviously IN right now!
As I sort, I read, read, read. So, by the end of this exercise, I'm fairly well-versed on the latest books in the industry. What an awesome thing! Thank you Margaret Wise Brown Prize!

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