e is for book

I receive a lot of requests for information on how I created my App, Lula's Brew. I usually refer people to my article "My 1st Picture Book App" - although that is really just the beginning of the story. So, recently I joined a group of traditionally published children's book authors and illustrators on a collaboration to explore the new territory of eBooks. It's called e is for book and I have a feeling a lot of you are going to find it incredibly valuable.
     Our mission statement is:
We are a group of published children’s authors and illustrators who are interested in or are already creating digital books for kids. The premise of our name is that a book is a book regardless of the format. With the option of interactivity within some formats, new creative possibilities are open to us. Our already-published books range from pre-school to Young Adult, so there should be something for almost everyone.
We also include a list of topics from 'reviews' to 'what is an ebook and what do we want it to be'?
     Hope you'll check it out!
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