'I Am Number Four' trailer

This looks pretty awesome! I read the book, which I enjoyed. Let's see if the movie does it justice! :)


Lillian Child said…
This looks AWESOME!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I know on the trailer! A couple of people at work just saw it, want to see the movie and read the book now, too.

p.s. I wanted to let you know that over Christmas visited the family in BC. My grand daughter LOVED Lulu's Brew ( it was on my ipod touch). LOVED it, she did.
Deb - make my day why don't you! I love to hear that - thank you! :) e
Deebi27 said…
Wow, drama plus!
Ms. Yingling said…
Alex Rider is pretty all grown up. I don't know that I can see the movie or buy the book, though, with James Frey trying to exploit YA writers.

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