Snowed In!

We are snowed in here in Atlanta! You people up North stop laughing. We get snow like this maybe once every ten years, so we don't invest in salt trucks, or snow shovels. We just hunker down, clear out the stores...

curl up by a fire and eat! I'm lucky my hubbie is a GREAT cook! Tonight's menu: a big pot o' his awesome smoked pablano chili and I'm baking a peach pie (summer peaches which I froze for just such an ocassion - gotta love the contrast with the snow).

     This is how it all started Sunday night...

     Where's Mr. Tumnus when you need him?
     And here's the back yard...

...with Bernie's footprints. He doesn't know what to make of all this white stuff. It's hard to walk in.

     This is the view of our driveway. I know it doesn't look like a lot of snow to many of you, I'm sure, but here's what happens in the South - all that white stuff you're looking at is about to freeze solid (much of it is still frozen from last night) and the temp is supposed to drop tonight. There's a sheen to frozen snow, sort of like sparkly, fairy snow. But you don't want to drive on it - although we did because we're crazy like that! Hence the grocery store shots above! We did have to watch out for walkers who, because there were so few cars, walked in the middle of the street everywhere (the sidewalks are solid ice).

     Tonight it will turn to ice. In fact, tomorrow will probably be more dangerous conditions than yesterday or today. And what was snow, has turned to freezing rain, which is now coating the tree branches. When those come down, power starts going out. Let's cross our fingers that doesn't happen!
     So far it's been an awesome storm. I'm getting some great down time/creative time. Although, for those of you who won prizes here at recently - I can't get to the postie just yet. (And if I could, it's not open!) Soon, soon, I promise!
     Here's for SNOW! Wahoooo! :)

Here are some GREAT photos by Josh D. Weiss of people sledding in Piedmont Park - which has become a big deal the last few days!

Sledding Videos!
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