We have TWO winners of my comment challenge!

I received over 50 wonderful comments on my post "Put your 2011 Goals OUT THERE!" So, I've done a drawing for TWO of my books!
     The winners are Lillian Child, Grandma to two 3-year-olds in Omaha, Nebraska, and LadyD, a piano teacher in San Diego, California. For 2011, Lillian wants to live more in the moment and spend more time with family and friends. Lady D wants to see the beauty in each day. Both admirable goals indeed!
     I've contacted them both and once they choose which of my books they'd like to have, I'll sign them and ship them off. Congratulations ladies! And may 2011 be a fantastic year on every level for all of us!


Anesha said...

Congratulations to the winners!

LadyD said...

Today is a beautiful day! What a wonderful surprise and fabulous beginning to a New Year. Thanks so much and congrats to Lillian, too.

Here's to a year filled with unending joy for us all!

Literally Lynne said...

What lucky ducks!

Lynne Marie

Lillian Child said...

This is so fabulous! Thanks again for this generous prize and I can't wait to see your publication! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

LindaMarie said:
Congrats to the winners, I will try not to be too jealous! :)

Lindsay N. Currie said...

Lovely post and what a nice giveaway. Sorry I hadn't stumbled across your blog earlier:) I'm enjoying the Comment Challenge tremendously and am looking forward to popping back in now and again to follow your publications!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba, a.k.a. "e" said...

It's so nice to have new visitors stopping by! :) e