A Trip to St. Andrews

The other day Stan and I took a mini-adventure - we headed to St. Andrews to visit the amazing Jane Yolen, who lives in St. Andrews several months out of the year, and to wander this sweet city. The pictures are amazing and plentiful, so it will take several posts to get through this wonderful journey. We'll begin with the journey itself.
     I love the trains here in the UK. You can get just about anywhere in comfort and with amazing views. And the main train station in Edinburgh is a ten-minute walk away, which means the entire island is available to us fairly easily. And most train rides through this beautiful country offer amazing views.
We first went over the Forth Rail Bridge. We went over an island and a jut-out with an interesting house that looks like it might have once been a light-house. See the turf roof next to the round part? Groovy.
Of course, that meant we were crossing water and going along the coast for a ways. So lovely.
We also went inland a bit where we saw windmills...
and gorgeous hills oftentimes covered with sheep.
After a lovely hour we arrived at the adorable wee Leuchars train station...

and St. Andrews.
Next was to get to Jane's house...

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