Back to Uni!

I am so excited to be back at the Uni! Fall semester - the third of four in my MFA in Illustration program here at the University of Edinburgh - has now begun. We have 26 students in the Illustration program this year - woosie! So, our desks have streamlined a bit. Here's mine:
However, out of those 26 students, only 4 of us are now MFA2 (2nd year) students. We are calling ourselves the Fabulous Four and we are definitely suffering from senioritis. Or maybe it's just a strong sense of solidarity. At any rate, we solidified our exalted status at our favorite Thai restaurant for lunch. Here we are - Boris, Nadee, Me, and Catherine. Wish us luck!


Hazel Terry said...

Enjoy yourselves :-D

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...