The Walk to St. Andrews

From Jane's house we walked down Lade Braes to St. Andrews.
Lade Brae is a park that runs right through the heart of St. Andrews and it is lovely. It begins with a small dip downhill which runs by the old cottage where the janitor for the school at the top of the hill used to live.

Yes, the date over the door says 1658.
The path winds through woods bordered by a creek.
With lovely old trees.
Real bridges cross the creek into open park areas and even the Botanic Gardens. They also wind through back alleys bordered by houses.
Jane told us about the threshold to this one house, where a groom would have lifted his bride and carried her under this stone, which proudly shows their initials and the date - 1738.
My sense of time here in Scotland is so different from the states. 200-years-old is significant there. Here, a thing isn't old until it's several thousand-years-old! St. Andrews was no exception. Truly - we're almost there...


Unknown said...

Loving your enthusiasm E, keep it coming! Did you see any bottle glass in the doors and windows on that trip?

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Doesn't ring a bell, Robbie. I'll have to look for it next trip! Cheers, e