Picture Hooks Master Class

This weekend I participated in the 2nd Picture Hooks Master Class for 2016. This time Sara Ogilvie taught us about picture books. I was often asked why I was there since I've already been published, but I never stop learning. And especially now, as a student, I am going through a complete reboot/rebirth/reinspiration time. Honestly, I should be like this all the time - eager to try new things and producing at remarkable rates. Being a student has turned me on! And this class was no exception. Here was our work area - a studio in the Edinburgh Portrait Gallery at the top of my hill.
     Sarah walked us through her path to publication, and working with art directors, and the journey through several of HER BOOKS. Since I'm not familiar with the UK market and how things work here - I learned A TON from her!!!!
     On Saturday, she had us do a really fun activity... She passed out slips of paper that had emotions on them. Each person had a turn at selecting an emotion and creating a pose for the rest of us to draw for one minute. Here were some of mine:
Then we each chose a plastic animal to draw in those poses. I got the tiger.
My fave was the Sleepy pose.
This exercise prepared me wonderfully for the story boarding we did on Sunday. We could either work with our new characters, or on an existing project. I chose a project-in-progress with ducks. I truly believe her exercise helped me stretch how I handled the storyboard, and I hope to do a line of 'mood sketches' from now on before I start storyboards. Such a good idea!
     Sara was fantastic and amazingly generous. She encouraged us to bring in personal works to share on Sunday for feedback, which I did. Her gentle steering was so encouraging and so helpful. Truly, it was an amazing workshop.
     What's also wonderful is the sense of camaraderie that is developing between the students who have been attending these master classes. Many are working illustrators and art teachers. Many are trying to reboot careers. Needless to say, the talent is amazing and inspiring in itself to be around. I learn as much from my classmates as I did from Sara! For instance, Hazel did cut-paper bats. Here I am with Sara, Hazel, and Hazel's bats.
Catherine worked with stencils, cut paper, and textured painting.
Astrid, who is one of our Illustration tutors at the College of Art worked on multi-media awesomeness. As she said, she was eager to get messy!
We're becoming a lovely tight group. Here I am with Hannah and Anka.
And then, of course, there was Vivian, who has been an amazing mentor to me here at the Uni.

     I can't wait for the next event in December!


Hazel Terry said...

Great weekend and a great creative neighbour :-D

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Oh good - I'm glad you found my post! SUCH a great weekend!!! Hugs, e