St. Andrews and St. Mary's

We finally made it to St. Andrews! The main entrance to town is the original medieval gate. Here are Jane and Stan in front.
And the other side once we'd walked through. It's truly impressive.
First, we had lunch at a sweet little Italian restaurant downtown, then Jane showed us around a wee bit. We had to see St. Mary's College and we never would have found it on our own, the entrance was so tucked in and unassuming.
Ironic considering the college was founded in 1413 and is the third-oldest university in the English speaking world after Oxford and Cambridge. Can you see Mary walking these grounds, and how small the Holm Oak Tree would have been back then?
Supposedly Mary herself planted this hawthorn bush, known as Mary's Thorn. It's propped up with crutches and lashed together, but it's still there and going strong!
There was also the tribute (built in 2013) to Henry Wardlaw, Bishop of St. Andrews from 1403 to 1440.
These dates just astound me, but they get even older. Follow us around St. Andrews for more...

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