Culzean! Part 2... Smugglers' Caves

One of the things Rosie was excited to share with us at Culzean (p. Cul-ANE) was the smugglers' caves.
They're around a bend and over a rocky terrain, so most folks don't know they're there. Truly, the walking was tricky. They were unsteady and covered with barnacles and slippery seaweed, but beautfiul nonetheless.
It was a puzzle to get around to the base of the castle, but the tides were with us (literally) and soon, we had this view.
I had to give you the scope of this place. Click the image to watch a quick video on YouTube.
Rosie had been all through these caves years ago, so could describe the caverns to us, but they were locked off now.
But not all of them.
We decided to go in. The men led the way.
Inside, you could just fell the precense of pirates.
Back outside, I found this iron something-or-other attached to a rock. A story is beginning to form...
I so badly want to use this place as a setting in a book and indeed, one begins to simmer here!

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