Graduate Show Prep

Dear Readers, Please be patient with me right now as my life has been consumed with completing my MFA (and diving into another project - more on that soon). I hope to be back to my regular blog features soon. Meanwhile, Thursday we painted our 'skins' - the panels for our graduate show display spaces.
The irony is that I am an illustrator, and I hate painting! If we had been painting something, like a big whale or something, I would have been fine. But no, we had to turn everything WHITE. But anything, even something you generally dislike, when done with friends, can be fun.
Catherine ended up entertaining us most of the time since she is recovering from an injury . I caught her in a moment of working, which she shouldn't have been doing! That said, we were all hurting. We had eight panels to paint and plinths and shelves. Each needed several coats of primer and then white. FYI, it's really hard to see what you're doing when you paint white on white. We were all snow blind by the end!
So, it was an actual treat when we got to Nadee's panel, that needed to be painted PINK! We saved it as a final reward.
It was hilarious when we realized that Catherine's shoes were an exact match.
By the end, we were ALL hurting and exhausted. But y'know what? We did it! Next step is to hang the skins and affix shelves, vinyl lettering and such. We're getting there!

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