Graduate Show - It's Coming!

It's hard to believe that it's nearly time for our graduate show here at the University of Edinburgh College of Art! We've all been finishing projects, ordering fancy business cards, sending book mock-ups off to, and trying to design our spaces. I'm happy to say that all my major projects are now finished, although currently it doesn't look like much.
The 4th floor of our building has been cleared out and in its place, our graduate show spaces have been constructed.
Each creator gets one piece of a 3-way pie to display their work. They put us MFA Illustration students together towards the back. I'm quite pleased with my spot as it will be facing the pop-up store where I'll be able to sell some of my wares. And yes, behind the construction boards, that is indeed the castle. Not bad.
This is a bittersweet time. I'm so excited to put my show together, but I'm also sad. I would be an MFA Illustration student forever if I could!
     As is, we have to have everything in place by May 12th for our internal and external auditing (grading). Then the big show will begin! June 1st will be business night, when the uni invites a slew of art/creative directors to come scout it out. (People even fly up from London for this!) June 2nd will be friends and family night. And then June 3rd, the show will open to the public for two weeks.
     I've been to every show since we arrived in Edinburgh, and they are so fun! It is a building-wide showcase of all the graduating students from costume design to product design to illustration in our building (Evolution House), and sculpture and painting, etc. up in the Hunter Building. It is basically an explosion of creativity and I am thrilled to be a part of it this year! More soon!

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