Friday Links List - 26 May 2017

From Literary Hub: Bookselling in the 21st Century: When Your Store is a Photo Op (Via Bookshelf that shares another great image.)

From The Guardian: How William Shakespeare changed the way you talk - in pictures (Go John Shelley!)

From the Federation of Children's Book Groups: Using Picturebooks for Discussion and Critical Thinking

From Reading Changes: Dialogue of Opposites: A Jungian Exploration of Suzy Lee's Border Trilogy

From emu's debuts: After the Ecstasy, the Editing

From The Guardian: Ditch the grammar and teach children storytelling instead

From Quartz: The books every new graduate should read, according to a dozen business leaders

From Brightly: Books About Books: 8 Children's Stories That Celebrate the Joy of Reading

From Playing By The Book: Your dream library? Might it feature chocolate and kittens? (You've got to see this!)


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