Friends Come a Vistin'!

This weekend kicked off tourist season in Edinburgh, at least where my friends are concerned! Friday, Julie Hedlund (Colorado, US) and Sarah Towle (London) came to town. We took them to The Ox:
Where they tried Scotch Eggs, Scottish Lobster, and Whisky (of course)!
Sunday I met up with long-time colleague Roxie Munro. We worked together a bit on Sarah's Time Traveler Tours. It was so nice to finally meet up in person!
Sunday, we got a last minute email that a friend from Athens, Georgia was in town on a beer-tasting trip! So good to see Pete Dasher even if just for a moment at The Hanging Bat!
Monday, Loraine Joyner, former Art Director for Peachtree Publishing came through town with her sister and sister-in-law during an enormous 31-day-long travel adventure. We took all of them to dinner at The Educated Flea. How lovely to connect with this dear and old friend on this side of the pond!
Truly, one of the funny things about living in Edinburgh is how much I haven't had to miss folks from the states, because they come HERE! Winter is quiet, but during the warmer months, we enjoy a constant stream of dear friends coming to or through and it's a treat to get together! So, y'all keep on visiting!


Susan Eaddy said...

I lOVE seeing familiar faces in your territory E! Wish I had been there with Julie & Sarah! Hugs,

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Isn't that FUN!? Wish you had been here too! Hugs, e