Culzean! Part 4... The Picnic at Swanie Pond

From the castle, we passed by the Swan Pond (or is it truly "The Swanie Pond" as Rosie called it?)
It was positively picturesque surrounded by lilies and irises.
It was surprising that only one swan was taking advantage of its namesake while we were there. (The white dot on the right.)
We found a sunny spot on a wash of grass and set up our picnic. The day had turned absolutely perfect for us.
Rosie had made curry chicken wraps and ham and cheese wraps. We had truffles and wine and crisps. So good! She took this photo of me post dining, in a state of ultimate relaxation and happiness. Hendrix too.
On our way back through, we even stopped by the Henwife's cottage for ice-cream.
But there were still more surprises in store, if you can believe it. Next, we headed for the beach...

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