Culzean! Part 5... The Beach

After lunch, we wandered down to the beach - yes, the beach. Culzean had more surprises in store!
It was a perfectly splendid beach tucked between rocky outcrops.
Hendrix loved the water as Dick threw stick after stick for him.
We played and then we sat on the sand. I had to take my obligatory feet on sand shot.
Off in the distance the Isle of Ayr sat like an inviting blue shadow. Rosie and Dick had lovely stories to share of friends and artists who live there. Now I have to visit there too.
Can you believe all of this exists in one heavenly place? I so badly want to arrange a writing or illustration retreat in this corner of paradise. Who would come?


Jane Yolen said...

I would, if I were available at that time.


Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Good to know! Check if Jane will be in town first. :)