Culzean! Part 6... Secret Gardens

I told you it would take a while to share all that was this wonderful place Culzean (p. Cul-ANE)! After the beach, I thought surely that was it. But no, we hadn't yet seen the Camelia House!
It was a simple pavilion with windows reminiscent of dew-wet spider's webs. Inside, waiters urged us to eat the canapes from an event that had just finished.
Beyond the Camelia House, we came to yet another surprise. Past the magic tree...
Past the thatched-roof hut...
And through the magic tunnel...
We found the Secret Garden. Yes, there were palm trees, and enormous leaves, and lush vegetation everywhere. It was like Land of the Lost.
Some of the plants were ones I'd never even seen before, like this Handkerchief Tree in full bloom and ready to help with your sneezes or tears.
It was a trick that the way out was so much more clear than the way in.
Finally, Culzean had shown us everything, or nearly everything, or maybe just a little bit. For truly, some things were closed for the archaeological dig, like the Orangery. And fields beyond the parking lot hinted that we'd only seen the beginning of this magical place. Oh, how I want to go back and wander the grounds for days and days like Rosie did years ago. If ever there was a place you need to see as a storyteller or artist, this was it. I can't wait to go back.
     Meanwhile, my deepest, heartfelt thanks to Rosie and Dick and Hendrix for sharing their special place with us. We are so lucky and grateful to have you in our lives.

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