Friday Links List - 23 March 2018

From Medium: What Jane Yolen Learned from Writing 365 Children's Books

From The Scottish Book Trust: 10 Springtime Reads (0-2) about BUNNIES

From LitHub: The 10 Most Beautiful Book Stores In the World (including one that floats!)

From Mashable: Kids are drawing more female scientists than ever before

From SLJ: School Librarian, Where Art Thou? (State of the Union)

From The Cut: Teens Already Know How To Overthrow The Government

From Electric Lit: In Honor of the School Walkout, Here Are 8 Books About Young People Making Political Change

From SLJ: Students Walk Out; Librarian Creates Display to Inform, Support Kids

From Nathan Bransford: How Writing Changes the World

From The Atlantic: Writing a Feminist Novel With a Man's POint of View: "...what they come to understand is that empathy will free you, not just power. Empathy is what makes you a citizen of your relationship, or your community, and ultimately of your own life. Empathy is how we are able to understand ourselves as part of a community, nation, or family, and ask ourselves what we are doing for that whole." Wow.

From PW: The making of 'Sleep Train' in photos - this is COOL!!!

From Precious Presence: Power of #classroombookaday

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