Bologna 2018 - the Arrival

Remember when I went to the Bologna Children's Book Fair in 2016? (CLICK HERE for that wrap-up.) Well, this year, Hollins University sent me to the Fair in an official capacity for International Student Outreach for our Children's Literature Graduate Programs. Woohoo! Here's how it went...
     Sunday, I woke up at 3:00am to catch a 6:30 flight to Bratislava (the farthest east I have ever traveled, nobody spoke English there) and then on to Bologna for the Fair.
     I returned to the same sweet Airbnb flat I stayed in on my 2016 visit, up these stairs.
The flat is simply adorable, with lots of privacy and its own kitchen where I make all my breakfasts and lunches to take to the fair with me, partly to avoid the lines and partly because of my dietary restrictions which are nearly impossible to accomodate at the fair. It works perfectly since there's a little grocery store at the end of the street.
My host, Agata kindly accepted the schwag that Hollins mailed in anticipation of my visit. It was more than I expected - wowsa! They sent posters, brochures, a lariate, a t-shirt, 2 boxes of fancy business cards with my title of 'Visiting Associate Professor', and brochure holders.
The flat is just south of Piazza Maggiore and the heart of everything.

I hit the ground running that first night with an SCBWI dinner party at Osteria De Poeti.
Here's my new friend Dana Carey from France and Ale Díaz Bouza from Spain...
and my long-time friend Susan Eaddy and Tracy Barrett from Tennessee. (You can also see Paul Zelinsky and his wife Deborah there.)
It was a great kick-off to what would prove to be a very busy, effective, and fun-filled week! So, keep reading!

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