Stirling Castle!

Sunday was a play day for me and Mikki. So, we went to Stirling!
Although, our adventure was almost undone by the 'Baby Beast from the East'. I awoke to SNOW... AGAIN! This is not normal for Edinburgh! I was worried we'd be snowed in again and that Mikki would miss her chance to see another castle. Happily, there was just enough snow to be really pretty, but not too disruptive.
That said, it was still colder than a... (insert expletive).
Even the graveyard loomed in a foreboding way.
We questioned our sanity several times, but went inside anyhow.
Then we saw the view.
Well, no. Not this one. We were still thinking we were crazy when we took this shot. But it cleared up, and Oh My! Click this image to watch a short video on Youtube:
The views from the castle were truly stunning.

As we walked up to the castle it was hard to miss the main building as it was a very different color from the others. Turns out it was on purpose. The color is called "King's Gold" and from the harbor, with the sun on it, that's exactly what it looks like - quite impressive.
Otherwise, it was a grand structure. We felt like we were in a movie.

A very cold movie!
So, although it was stunningly beautiful (the pictures don't begin to do it justice), we were so grateful to go inside... See more on Wednesday!

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