#KidLitWomen - Week 3

#KidLitWomen is going STRONG! Have you been reading? I'm sharing this Sunday so that you can have time to read over the weekend.
We're celebrating Women's History Month with 31 days of posts focused on improving the climate for social and gender equality in the children’s and teens’ literature community. Join in the conversation on Facebook or Twitter #kidlitwomen.
MARCH 11th
Emma Walton Hamilton: Where the Women Are
Edith Campbell: Black Girl Economics in Young Adult Fiction
Jane Kurtz: A Woman Walked Into a Picture Book...
Emma Dryden: Determining Our Own Value...
Jane Kelley: Write the Change You Want to See in the World

MARCH 12th
Sarah Lamstein: In Defense of Aging
Grace Lin: When Certain Writers Ought Put Down Their Pens
A Discussion: What Would You Do?
Anne Nesbet: Cleaning Our Own Mirrors
Shoshana Flax: Just Put the Book Out There
Edith Campbell: Black Girl Economics, Part 2

MARCH 13th
Ellen Wittlinger: Questioning the Lens Through Which We See
Cheryl Blackford: Harmful Stereotypes in Traditional Fairy Tales
Amitha Knight: How To Be Invisible
Gwenda Bond: Living in a Fantasy World
Chris Tebbetts: …Lessons Learned on Another Front

MARCH 14th
Megan Frazer Blakemore: Banishing Boy Books and Girl Books from the Library Lexicon
Elissa Brent Weissman: Let’s Hear It For School Librarians…
Lori Steel: …The Sidelined Role of School Librarians
Kitty Flynn: Five questions for Winifred Conkling

MARCH 15th
Michelle Cusolito and Jeanette Bradley: How Much Should I Charge for School Visits?
Ann Clare LeZotte: …Deaf & Disabled Representation in Kidlit
Susan Van Metre: Rewriting the Stories That Shape Us
Rosalind Malin: Pink
Chris Barton: How To Diversity Your Kidlit-Related Lists

MARCH 16th
Don Tate: Honoring the Super Women who Run the Brown Bookshelf
Dana Walrath: Eliminating Bias
Chris Tebbetts: Male Allies: What We Can Do

MARCH 17th
Elizabeth Dulemba: Rewriting the Cultural Narrative
Michelle Edwards: My Mother Wants To Meet You
Jacqueline Davies: The Shaming of Desire
Erin Dionne: Women: What We're Up Against

In addition to Joyce Wan (3/3) and Traci Bold (3/6), a number of people are sharing daily or regular posts about women illustrators and books by women with the #kidlitwomen hashtag. Here are some of them:
Debbi Michiko Florence on Facebook
Kieren Dutcher on Facebook
Donalyn Miller on Facebook
Katherine Roy on Twitter, @KRoyStudio
Josh Funk on Twitter, @joshfunkbooks
Eve Aldridge on Facebook

You can also access the full list as it progresses at Mishka Yeager's Website.
MY post went live on March 17th! Rewriting the Cultural Narrative
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