#KidLitWomen - Week 4

#KidLitWomen is still going STRONG! Have you been reading? I'm sharing this Sunday so that you can have time to read over the weekend.
We're celebrating Women's History Month with 31 days of posts focused on improving the climate for social and gender equality in the children’s and teens’ literature community. Join in the conversation on Facebook or Twitter #kidlitwomen.
MARCH 18th
From Elizabeth (Gussie) Lewis: Game Changers
Erin Kono: Women Who Draw Witty
Rebecca Emberley: Are We Brave Enough to Stop Pretending?
Ali Benjamin: What Would Julian Do?

MARCH 19th
Jennifer Mann: Mothers and Fathers: Gender Stereotyping in the Contemporary Picture Book
Faye Bi: Who Gets a Tour? (And Other Questions...)
Erin Murphy and others: Is This Thing On? Giving a Voice to Funny
Mary Quattlebaum: Animals as Characters/Subjects...
Cheryl Blackford: Does Age Matter? Ageism Publishing and a Youth-Focused Culture

MARCH 20th
Dawn Metcalf: Be the Heroine of Your Story
Traci Bold: Not Just a Pretty Picture: Women Illustrators, Why I Love Their Work
Libby Koponen: She Looked Like a Pudding Covered With Mold

MARCH 21st
Karen Blumenthal: Reclaiming Women's History - Still
Sarah Darer: Branding or Gendering?
Erin Nowak: Revising the White Male World of Picture Books: A Pre-Published Perspective

MARCH 22nd
Caroline Carson: Who Are We Writing About? Who Are We Writing For?
Tanya Konerman: Where Are All the Girls? How the Underrepresentation of Females in Children's Books Continues in the 21st Century and How It Affects All Children
Kara LaReau: Cars, Butterflies, and Pez: Addressing Toxic Masculinity as a Writer and a Parent
Molly B. Burnham: An Audit of My Experience
Kieran Dutcher: Beyond Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keefe

MARCH 23red
Lita Judge: On Being Your Husband's Boss
Dill Werner: How To Be More Inclusive of Nonbinary Genderneutral and Trans People in Your Spaces
Ashia Ray: Why Is It So Hard to Find Respectful Disability Books?
Sheela Chari: Writing Mysteries for Girls
Marian Llanos: Immigrant Voices Want to Tell Stories

You can also access the full list as it progresses at Mishka Yeager's Website.
MY post went live on March 17th! Rewriting the Cultural Narrative
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